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What are your 3 (top secret) goals you would like to work towards... or perhaps vices you'd like to leave behind?
Any previous yoga experience? Done the hard yards on the mat or just a newbie?
Any injuries, surgery or conditions we need to know about (including tendency to breathlessness or asthma, back problems, blood pressure, depression and pregnancy)?
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I agree to the terms and conditions below (please read then check this box).

Terms and Conditions

Any form of exercise can be potentially hazardous. By agreeing to this acknowledgement I recognise the dangers of exercising when injured or impaired, or when carried out without proper supervision. I accept responsibility for your own conduct and actions.

I acknowledge:
• I am over the age of 18 years or have the consent of a parent/guardian
• That yoga is a form of exercise
• I have truly and confidentially disclosed to my teacher:
- Any condition which might affect my ability to participate in a class
- Of the type of medication I am taking, if any
• If there is a change in my ability to exercise without pain or the possibility of causing injury I will notify my teacher immediately

I undertake to notify my teacher if any of the following things occur:
• I am under the influence of alcohol or any drug
(Please note: Students under the influence of alcohol or drugs will NOT be permitted into class under any circumstances)
• I am injured or feeling unwell
• I am menstruating
• I have changed my medication since previously notifying my teacher
• I experience any pain on exertion or during an exercise
• I am receiving treatment from another professional (medical or paramedic included)

I agree to follow instructions from my teacher at all times.
I agree to carry out an exercise routine only as set out by and as supervised by my teacher.

Cancellation Policy
Once my class is confirmed I agree and understand there are no refunds or credits given under any circumstances. My place in the class is not transferable under any circumstances.