Who is Yogasam?  
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YogaSam was established in 2000 by founder Samantha Karolyi, who provides health, wellbeing and lifestyle consulting services to private clients and leading corporations.

The YogaSam studio offers transformational workshops both nationally and internationally throughout the year, yoga retreat adventures (including the Full Moon Bali Retreat) and runs numerous weekly group classes and Kickstart Wellbeing Programs for private and corporate clients throughout Australia, South East Asia and the UAE.

The YogaSam vision is to empower and inspire people to balance mind and body in a light-hearted way.

The YogaSam Studio
The YogaSam studio has a variety of teachers sharing their wisdom through workshops, retreats and general classes - dance, meditation, voice, massage, acupuncture, massage and a wide variety of yoga styles including Japanese yoga (Ki & Ryoho Yoga) which is a dynamic form of yoga therapy that integrates traditional Hatha yoga with the meridian-based healing arts of Japan and China and the Five Element theory - Water, Wood, Fire, Earth & Metal. It offers a remarkably accurate and remedial system of healing and maintaining health. Through repetitive movements, combined with body awareness and breath work, energy flow increases leading to improved body function, flexibility, strength and health. Every instructor is going to have a different style. The trick is to find one that fits you.


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