Who is Yogasam?  
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YogaSam was established in 2000 by founder Samantha Karolyi, who provides health, wellbeing and lifestyle consulting services to private clients and leading corporations.

The YogaSam studio offers transformational workshops both nationally and internationally throughout the year, yoga retreat adventures (including the Full Moon Bali Retreat) and runs numerous weekly group classes and Kickstart Wellbeing Programs for private and corporate clients throughout Australia, South East Asia and the UAE.

The YogaSam vision is to empower and inspire people to balance mind and body in a light-hearted way.

The YogaSam Studio
The YogaSam studio has a variety of teachers sharing their wisdom through workshops, retreats and general classes - dance, meditation, voice, massage, acupuncture, massage and a wide variety of yoga styles including Japanese yoga (Ki & Ryoho Yoga) which is a dynamic form of yoga therapy that integrates traditional Hatha yoga with the meridian-based healing arts of Japan and China and the Five Element theory - Water, Wood, Fire, Earth & Metal. It offers a remarkably accurate and remedial system of healing and maintaining health. Through repetitive movements, combined with body awareness and breath work, energy flow increases leading to improved body function, flexibility, strength and health. Every instructor is going to have a different style. The trick is to find one that fits you.

Meet the Team:
Anne Bailey came to yoga after a long and winding path through the corporate world. After a back injury in her early 30’s left her with chronic pain, she went searching for something that would help regain her strength and confidence, and ended up discovering a lot more along the way.

Professionally trained in various healing arts such as homoeopathy, naturopathy and massage therapy, Anne added yoga teacher to the bag of tricks, studying with Jack Marshall at the Zen Renaissance Centre. Teaching for several years on Sydney’s northside, Anne now teaches private groups and a beginners program at the YogaSam studio, in addition to her busy family life and her role as Operations Manager for the South Pacific Private hospital, Australia’s leading treatment centre for addictions and mood disorders. She specialises in Ki yoga programs designed to strengthen weak backs & bellies, improve digestive issues and manage stress through simple meditation practices.

Anya Rowlands likes to move. From swimmimg in the sea, to roaming in the jungle it's good to move. A Ki Yoga teacher for 8 years, Anya has taught all over Sydney and Sri Lanka. Anya has experience in teaching kids to corporate, physical theatre and classical yoga classes. Anya believes there is a space for yoga in every body. Her passion is communication and listening to the body, using the forces of nature to build harmony and strength with each move.

Emma McTaggart is a qualified acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist and Ki yoga teacher. She has spent the last 15 years studying, eating, breathing and moving to the rhythms of Oriental medical and philosophical cosmology.

Emma has experience in teaching yoga to autistic and intellectually impaired teenagers, running detox  yoga programs and spinal classes, as well as classes for the over 75’s and for advanced yoga practitioners.

Combining intuition with skill she draws on her extensive practical and theoretical background to create and hold a space of healing and communion, where body, mind, heart and spirit are given the opportunity to truly integrate and embrace the human experience.

Emma is also available for private acupuncture consultations, bookings essential.

Nicholas Anton qualified in his Ki yoga teacher training diploma at the Zen Renaissance Centre in Sydney, under the guidance of Jack Marshall and Dale Fox. Along with the yoga and its guiding principles and philosophies , a strong emphasis was placed on macrobiotic dietary principles and the integration of this into a living daily practice. Nicholas embodies the overall philosophy of macrobiotics as much as possible and he encourages his students to support Biodynamic and organic farming systems as well as eating foods that come from environmentally sustainable practices.
He enjoys sharing his many insights on the nature of growth and self development through ki yoga. Nicholas maintains a personal daily yoga practice. His favourite movie is Pocahontas. And above all he is grateful to his students for the gift of their presence in class and the contribution they make.
Nicholas is honoured to be invited to teach yoga at the YogaSam studios.


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