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Annual Kickstart

Date: June 2023

It's probably about time for a little DETOX . . .

The Annual Kickstart Program is a week long yoga immersion and cleanse. It's also a nutritional recovery program for those of you who have indulged a little too much in the finer things of life over the holidays. If you want to drop a few kilo's then frequency of exercise has a major impact - experience what it feels like to exercise every day for a week. And then be so inspired and energised that you maintain it...

Kickstart - Become steady, grounded and secure and create the space for a great year ahead.

o Heighten your metabolsim
o Create strength, energy and vitality in your systems
o Increase your oxygen intake
o Give that hard working liver a well-earned break

Sometimes we feel a little boated, tired and stuck after the indulgences of the Silly Season. Our liver becomes chronically overloaded with eating too much of the less-healthy kind of foods and drinking too much of the less-healthy kind of drinks. Well, they feel right at the time actually.... Have fun and work with a group of fellow yogi's whilst you kickstart your body back into top gear. Give yourself the opportunity to experience your higher potential in 2023 - full of vitality, bubbling with energy, inspiration and joy.

If you have any questions please email YogaSam or go to our online registration form to secure your place.



Date: November 2023

Venue: tba

Power through Summer feeling Strong, Healthy and Shiny

The Kickstart Summer Program is a 7 day yoga and nutrition program which is specifically designed to kickstart your body and mind into the summer season.

o Remind yourself what it's like to move around in a body that feels strong, lean, clear, energised and flexible
o Impress yourself by committing to a week of 6am yoga starts
o Lighten up and get rid of some old habits that no longer serve you

If you want to achieve a great goal for yourself before the end of the year ... sign up. This week will give you the framework and inspiration to rebalance your mind and your body. Commit to getting yourself fit and healthy before the year ends with a group of like-minded people. Enjoy feeling lighter, happier and more energetic this Silly Season.

If you have any questions please email YogaSam or go to our online registration form to secure your place.

Please feel free to send us an email if you have a general inquiry.